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Before choosing a bookmaker to place your bets and have some marvelous gambling time, it’s worth making a thorough investigation to find out if the platform is worth your choice or not. With so many bookmakers operating in India, sometimes it becomes a tough thing to spot a really dependable service. To save you from this tedious work we have compiled reviews about 1xbet bookmaker left by real Indian bettors. Watch closely, perhaps your neighbor’s review is there, too?

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1xBet Reviews by Real Users


“I have been in betting and gambling fairly long and have tried pretty many bookmakers. 1xBet has managed to become my favorite one, though. Actually, it’s the bookie that I make my regular bets in and know I will easily get my wins. From all the betting services I have tried, 1xBet is the most responsible one in everything. The array of offered sports, betting markets, the coefficients… They are all very decent. Besides, the website is thoroughly safe.”


“To my mind, 1xBet is the most trusted bookmaker. I am sure it’s safe to place bets here cause it’s been years I have been doing so and so far have had no problems. I have withdrawn quite big money, but have had big losses, either. I guess it all depends on how deep your knowledge in sports is. Well, at least my all wins safely landed on my credit card shortly after I had withdrawn them.”


“I’ve always been passionate about sports but never betted before I was locked home during quarantine. 1xBet was the only bookie I trusted as all my colleagues at work spoke about their bets and wins at 1xBet during breaks. So I said to myself “why not?” and determined to place my first bet on a cricket match. I was almost sure how the game would end cause I knew the teams and their possibilities well. But I was nervous till I got my first win! From then on, I have withdrawn so much I don’t keep count of!”


“I have been playing at 1xBet for 2 years and had no problems with withdrawals here. And if for other bettors quick withdrawals matter a lot, for me it’s the range of sports and betting markets that are of bigger importance. With 1xBet I never fail to find the match or game I want to bet on and the type of bet I feel like placing.”


“I am surprised that there are people who have unsolved problems with 1xBet. I started using this bookie back in 2016 and had to deal with the support team only once when I was withdrawing for the first time. They asked for some docs and I provided them. In a couple of days or so I got my money on my credit card and have made numerous successful instant withdrawals since then. I’m fond of this bookie.”


“Reading reviews is like pouring oil into the flame! Beginners won’t know whether to trust positive or negative reviews. And neither did I. So I made my first deposit at 1xBet half-fearing I wouldn’t be able to withdraw winnings. But my withdrawals were so seamless and prompt that I was a bit ashamed to worry so much! Now I trust 1xBet unconditionally cause I’ve many personal positive experiences with this bookie. “


“As a skilled bettor, I can assure you that 1xBet is totally legal and worth choosing. I love betting and try different bookies offered on the internet at times. But eventually, I always turn to 1xBet because it has the best coefficients and offers live match transactions right on its website. I was advised to use an e-wallet as most banks in India won’t accept money transfers from betting facilities. So far I’ve been satisfied with everything and will surely recommend the bookmaker. “



“Quite a good bookmaker like many others I would say. I haven’t had any problems but have not won anything significant, either. The only issue I guess is the support team that’s not so responsive (had to contact several times not without difficulty). In all other aspects, I am satisfied, yet. “


“During all the years that I have been betting at 1xBet, I have deposited through my credit card but the withdrawals proceeded only through UPI FAST. I have recently faced some problems with withdrawals though I can’t figure out what’s the reason. Still waiting for an answer from the support team (they said they’d get in touch with me as soon as they settled the matter). “


I love betting on sports and I am really good at it. At 1xBet I have got several quite impressive wins but withdrawing them was a little trouble. During the first three cases, I had to submit docs that verified me as the owner of the account (maybe they doubted a 20-year-old guy would win so frequently) which is somewhat annoying. Overall, not a bad bookie.”



“If you asked me if I would recommend 1xBet to others, I couldn’t find the precise answer. I had no big problems with the site except for somewhat troublesome withdrawals and poor customer support service, but I wasn’t impressed by anything, either. An ordinary online bookmaker with ordinary offers. “


“I signed up with 1xBet a week ago to settle the problem with my withdrawal. I have got no reply yet and already feel distressed. I have tried to get in touch through the live chat but with no luck so far. It’s my first withdrawal and I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t proceed properly. “