Live Betting on 1xBet

Real-time sports betting is truly exciting and an intriguing adventure. Live betting at 1xBet offers punters a wild assortment of sports to bet on in-play. There is a broad range of sports events to wager on, like live football and soccer, live cricket, live tennis and others.

Moreover, the live sports interface is also convenient and lets the punters enjoy live betting using both desktop and mobile. The odds offered on the live sports events are competitive and provide a good margin. This means punters can win big within a short time after placing live bets. Furthermore, the bookie even provides free-of-cost live streams to the registered users.

How to place live bets at 1xBet?

How to Place a Live Bet?

To place live bets on your favorite sports with 1xbet follow these steps:

  1. Log in. Log in to 1xbet or Register a new personal account.
  2. Fund. Make sure you have a positive balance in your account. If you don’t have it, go to the deposit section, add money with the available payment options.
  3. Go to 1xBet Live. Using the main menu, choose live section.
  4. Select a sport. Now, pick a live sports event.
  5. Set up bet types and odds. Press the odds and sports event to add your bet to the betting slip.
  6. Check details. You will see different wagers in your bet slip like system, chain, or accumulator. Choose your bet and add a stake. After cross-checking all the details, you added and hit the place a bet button.
  7. Confirm your bets. Now, you will find a pop-up window with your wagering details. Once your wager is accepted, the stake is reduced from your account.

Finally, wait till your live bet gets settled. If you win your bet, the money gets added to the account. You can see all wagers in the My Account section > bet history.

How does live betting work?

1xbet Live Bets

Live betting (or in-play or in-running betting) is the wagering on the result of a sports event that has started already. As the event unfolds, the odds available also change automatically depending on the computations done by the mobile or online software. These changes are so fast that few wagers have only become available for just a few seconds.

Punters should make sure they keep their eyes open and stay hooked to the event so that they hit the bet with the best odds.

What Can you Bet in Live on 1xBet?  

There are tons of sports events in the 1xBet LIVE section. Enthusiastic sports fanatics can place live bets on:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Water Polo
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Beach Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Horse Racing
  • Rugby
  • Handball
  • Esports
  • Golf
  • Motorbikes

Football Live betting

1xbet Live Football

Watching live football is a very popular way of entertainment among players in India. There are numerous things to consider when placing a bet on live football. The success will ultimately depend on your potential to analyze the data you have with you.

Here are some helpful tips for those interested in live football betting:

  • Keep Eyes Open and Ensure You Have Funded Account. As you know, in-play betting is not for everyone and uses a different approach than pre-match wagering. Besides understanding each bet, the punters need to focus on the football match they are wagering on and must be fast on the draw because live odds change every second. 
  • Compare Live Odds. Make sure you compare the latest live odds from different football matches. You can use 1xbet odds comparison tool to see the upcoming football matches and choose the best value.
  • Study the Stats. Statistical calculations accompany the sports events in the 1xbet live sports section. The stats contain the data on the previous events. This will offer you data about how the respective teams have performed before the sports event you plan to wager in real-time and make the right decision.
  • Set Limits and Stick to Them. Although in-play betting is enticing, it can burn your money fast. Therefore, it’s also pivotal to set your daily or weekly limits before you wager. Ensure you never go beyond it if you want to stay in the game for a long time.
  • Do Your Homework. The condition of the player injuries, grounds amongst others, are various factors that influence how the match finishes. Thus, make sure you do research well before betting on live matches. Few football teams may score early in the match while other teams score late. It’s an important stat that the punters can use to forecast a final match score.

1xBet Live Streaming

1xbet Live Streams Option

1xBet live streams are an exciting feature that injects more amusement into the betting process. Punters can enjoy high-quality live sports action from laptops, PC’s or by downloading the 1xBet app. It means the bettors will place wagers on live matches and watch the live events as long as they have some balance in their account.

This double treat makes the betting experience an unforgettable one — all they need to click the TV icon located next to the event or match. The platform offers wide coverage of around 200 daily sports events.

The 1xBet streams service is free, and the punters do not need any special promo code.

Features of 1xbet live betting

Live betting features

1xBet live stream offers about a thousand events for you to bet on daily, and its interface is very easy to use. You will also be allowed in some cases to withdraw your bets before the closing if you think the odds aren’t working for you. These and many other features make it easier for you to develop your own betting strategy.

Multi-Live page

1xBet Multi-Live page

1XBet offers an interesting option: you may start your own Multi-Live page where you will add all the events you’d like to follow in the live-stream mode and bet on all of them at the same time. There’s no limit to the number of matches you may follow this way.

The Multi-Live page is in a separate section that you can access by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom of the homepage. Alternatively, you may select the sports at the top of the page or use the search window. When you find the match you’d like to follow, just click on it, and it will be added to your Multi-Live page automatically. You will also see the statistics for each match on that page.

Live statistics

Live statistics

1xbet provides weekly statistics of the games classified by sports and championships. All the stats are lined up, and you may select the ones you need by clicking on the corresponding icons located near the games, which will open in the new tabs.

1xBet Live statistics are quite wide in scope, ranging from the scores to the weather conditions on the field.

1xZone for live events

1xZone for live events

1xZone is another interesting option that few if any, bookmakers offer. It allows you to watch a game live, predict certain events in its further development and instantly place bets on them. 1XBet’s interface even helps you with that by offering you its own forecasts in the upper horizontal bar and the past events in the lower one.

Just click on the appropriate button in the left corner of the 1xBet Live page to enter the 1xZone mode. You place your bets with one click on the selected forecasts.

Odds movement chart

Odds movement chart

The bookie provides you with information on the opening and closing odds as well as other developments on the markets to help you predict your winnings. You may figure them out by yourself, as it normally happens, but 1XBet offers you an extra service of doing the calculation for you.

Live odds

Odds for live betting at 1xBet

One of the best things about 1xBet is their odds, which are significantly higher than other bookmakers offer, particularly for football matches. Besides, a better exchange is applied to your bets, which is a very important factor in the final calculation of your profit.

At the same time, their profit margin is very possibly the lowest on the online sports betting market, especially in live betting. For example, their 2% margin for football games compares favorably with the average 6-7% on the market. Generally, 1xBet’s profit doesn’t exceed 3%, with an average 6% for live betting.

Pros & cons of 1xBet Live bets

Bottom Line - Pros and Cons

Live betting at 1xbet website is very easy and profitable for all bettors. To better understand whether you want to use this service, we have compiled the strengths and limitations of the 1xbet live service.

Pros Cons
A huge assortment of live game titles, including esportsLimited time to calculate profits, manage emotions and focus on a new strategy.
Best odds on live matches
Free and superior quality live streams are available for the registered customers daily
In-depth statistics


Where do I find the latest 1xBet live streaming sessions?

You may look through the list of 1xbet live stream broadcasts. Just click on the Live section, and the list will pop up in a separate window. If a match is being broadcast online, you’ll see a TV icon next to it. Click on it, and you’ll be able to watch the live streaming of the game and place your bets at the same time.

Is there a mobile app for live betting?

You may bet on any sport in the 1xBet app, and all the functions and settings are available in the app too. When you’ve downloaded and installed the app, just:

  1. log into your account,
  2. click on a championship and a match,
  3. choose your odds and click on them,
  4. fill the kind of bet and the amount in the coupon.
  5. Your winnings will be worked out when the game is over.

May I bet on both pre-match and in-play markets?

Yes, you may. In fact, it seems to be an ideal option: you analyze the statistics of the games to predict future events and place your bets on them and simultaneously watch the games in progress. Obviously, each of the two strategies facilitates the other.

What if I want to bet on two matches at the same time?

You may watch and bet on two or more matches concurrently by including them on your Multi-Live page. The matches will be showing on different screens conveniently separated from each other, together with the odds for each one of them that will be continuously updated during the match. The live statistics for all the matches will be available to you simultaneously.

Where can I view the match statistics?

When you open the in-play page and select a match, you’ll find all the statistics in the line of live betting features at the bottom of the display area.