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Privacy Policy 1xBet India

The privacy policy reflects the interests of the bettors in full. Here, any user of the 1xBet India will find information about how we provide our users with such a high level of security and protection. Be sure to read the details so that you are fully on the subject. By the way, all our actions are fully regulated by the Malta Gaming Commission. 

1xbet is a reliable bookmaker, which protects payments and all personal data of its customers

Bettor’s data 

Personal data of our customers, which identifies each user, we call personal information in the privacy policy section. We identify you based on your personal information. This is the main condition that must be met, so if you decide to join the 1xBet bookmaker, you have to provide this information.

What do we want to know?

The 1xBet gambling platform collects only the personal information that is necessary for the implementation of all functions. We don’t ask more about you than we need to know. 

What does personal information about the bettor mean? These are only three points:

You provide us with this information and we put it in a special encrypted format with a key that is known only by you. This is a guarantee that no one but you will have access to this information. Also, to make various types of transfers within the 1xBet system, you will enter a password known only to you. The 1xBet platform encrypts all data traffic between clients and servers. The encryption program is based on the SSL protocol.

If suddenly there is a failure in the work of the bookmaker, our platform has several additional servers at once. Therefore, the risk of disabling the program is minimized. 

Secure storage of information

If you become a bettor on our platform, then keep in mind: the information that you entered is strictly encrypted using a software key that is known only to you. Third parties will not be able to access your database.

It is connected to a separate internal network and thus is not on the same mainline as the external servers available to the user. When information is required for a transaction, the user must enter the password (which is used to decrypt the information); the external server then sends instructions to a special communication module to perform the transaction and provides the password.

The interface module, which is the only means of accessing the internal database, relays this instruction to the database, which in turn uses the password entered by the bettor to decrypt the necessary information and perform the transaction.

This procedure may seem complicated and unnecessary, but it was introduced to ensure the security of any confidential information that is stored in an environment connected to the outside world, even for a moment. This, in turn, means that even if one of the 1xBet servers is hacked, the fraudster will never get access to your data. Moreover, using encryption with a key known only to the client minimizes the possibility of internal fraud.

Since 1xBet has a piece of very important information at its disposal, such as account balances and transactions, any data leak can cause great damage. To eliminate this risk, we apply two systems:

1) daily backup of all data;

2) enabling the data recovery option after any type of system failure.

How do you enter your data on the 1xBet India website?

Personal information can be entered on the 1xBet website pretty easily. When registering, opening, and maintaining an account, our users provide information about themselves in the appropriate form on the site.

Here you will meet the “Cookies”. They are used to let you run the 1xBet website without having to re-enter the password. Our web server will log information about the pages that our users visit.

There are points where you can provide or not provide information about yourself at your discretion. So, if possible, the privacy policy of our service allows you to refuse to provide some personal information. 

How do we use personal information?

1xBet bookmaker collects customer data, aiming to do this: 

The 1xBet India platform stores this information and analyzes it in case any actual or suspected criminal activity needs to be investigated. All rights relating to the storage of users’ personal information are the property of 1xBet India.

Access to personal information

You always have access to the information we have about you. To review and update the details of your personal information, simply log in to our website, using your username and password, go to “My Account” – “Settings” and make changes to your data. You can also contact our support service at any time using the contact information available on the website. In addition, the bettors of the 1xBet site have the right to correct wrong information, as well as delete it if necessary.