Online IPL Betting

IPL Betting with 1xbet

With 1xBet, IPL wagering has never been easier. Signing in on the website in India, you’ll find a dedicated tab for cricket events featuring every game from the country’s most anticipated tournament. Take advantage of all the bookie’s benefits like a great array of wager types, lucrative odds, the “Live” section, and a special IPL promo to bet on your favorite team and win great prizes in the process. Track your wagers wherever you are with a handy mobile app. Go through every step of placing a wager on 1xBet.

How to Bet on the IPL at 1xBet?

To explore IPL online betting opportunities the bookie offers, follow these simple guidelines. It only takes a few minutes to go from registering to confirming your first wager:

Sign in with the site

You may choose between four registration options: in one click, by phone, by email, or through social media.

register at 1xbet
Log in

Log in and activate your account

For this, head to “My Account” > “Account Settings” > Activate Your Phone Number. You’ll receive a confirmation code.

Cash in

Hit “Deposit” in the upper right corner, click on a convenient banking method, and follow the instructions. Note that the minimum cash-in amount changes, depending on the method you pick.

cash in
choose a game

Choose a game

Proceed to the “Cricket” section, point the cursor at the cricket icon, and choose “India Premier League” from the drop-down menu. Currently, on 1xBet, IPL is represented by 26 upcoming events.

Choose wagers

Click on a particular match. A new page will open, containing all available markets accompanied by odds. Pick one or several by clicking on them.

choose wagers
place a bet

Fill in the bet slip

The wagers you selected will appear in your bet slip to the right on the screen. In it, specify the wager amount (the maximum is indicated right below) and its type (accumulator, lucky, single, or chain – only available if you pick two or more wagers). Enter a promo code for this particular bet (if you have one), accept if the odds increase, and hit “Place a Bet.” Alternatively, you can place wagers with one click.

That’s it. You may now track your wager in “My Account” > “Bet History.”

1xBet IPL Bonus Offer

1xbet ipl bonus offer

Want to get the most out of IPL online betting at 1xBet? Feel free to partake in the promo dedicated to the tournament and compete for one of 100 brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB! Just cash in, earn tickets and get the main prize.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Sign up with the bookie;
  2. Hit the “Promo” in the upper part of the screen, then scroll down, and click “Promotions”;
  3. Find “Indian Premier League,” point the cursor on at, and hit “Find out more”;
  4. Click “Take part” to join the special 1xBet IPL promo;
  5. Cash in ₹366 or more during the 2021 Indian Premier League;
  6. Earn tickets every time you top up until 15.10.2021;
  7. Partake in the prize draw scheduled on 18.10.2021 (18:00 +3 UTC) on the promo page.

Additionally, you may win from 50 to 5,000 bonus points, as well as from 10 to 100 free spins for the Lucky Wheel. The number of tickets you receive varies depending on how much you cash in, from 1 for ₹366 to 1,000 tickets for ₹73,149. And make sure your account is activated.

1xBet IPL Betting Options

IPL Betting Options

To spice up your punter experience, the bookie offers a wide selection of IPL online betting options, which include different wager types and markets. For more convenience, you can switch between several odd types.

Bet Types

ipl bet types

There are four main wager types available for IPL matches at the moment:

  • Single. The basic type – you wager on one particular outcome.
  • Accumulator. It’s a combo of two or more wagers. Their odds multiply by each other, increasing a potential profit. However, when at least one wager in the accumulator loses, so do the others.
  • Chain. This one also combines two or more IPL online betting options, but unlike the accumulator, the odds aren’t multiplied, and you may still win even if some bets in the chain lose.
  • Lucky. This one combines all wagers you have in the bet slip into singles and available accumulators. The more of them win, the more you get.


1xbet ipl markets

The range of 1xBet IPL markets is large and represented by:

  • Team wins. Wager on the winner of the match.
  • Toss winner. Try to guess which team will win the coin toss.
  • First ball of the match. This market is represented by several options – you can pick in how many rounds the first ball will be scored.
  • Stats. This section also comprises four options:
    • Highest Opening Partnership;
    • Special Bets;
    • Bets On Teams (like most run-outs);
    • 1st Wicket – Method of Fall (6 outcomes – caught, run out, stumped, bowled, LWB, and other).


1xbet odds

For all events, including IPL online betting, you may choose from six odd types:

  • Decimal. The conventional type that displays the total amount of your potential wins. Wagering ₹100 on an event with the odds of 1.5, you’ll end up with ₹150.
  • Malaysian. This one works almost similar to decimal odds but with negative and positive numbers. For instance, wagering ₹100 on an event with the odds of -0.5, you’ll get ₹200 plus your wager. On the contrary, the +0.5 odds will only give you ₹50 plus your wager.
  • Hong Kong. What differs this one from the decimal odds is that it’s one point less. So an event with the odds of 0.5 will bring you ₹50 if you wager ₹100.
  • US. Like the Malaysian, this type of odds features “+” and “-.” That is, the odds of +150 will give you ₹150 for ₹100 wagered. On the contrary, with the odds of -150, you’ll get only ₹100 when wagering ₹150.
  • UK. Unlike all other types, these come as fractions (5/3, 1/2, and so on), showing the overall payout you get compared to the wager. Betting ₹100 with the odds of 2/1, you’ll get ₹200, and vice versa – a ₹100 with the odds of 1/2 will bring only ₹50.
  • Indonesian. These are essentially the same as the US ones but divided by 100.

IPL Live Streaming – Watch IPL Live Free

ipl live streaming

At 1xBet, IPL events are available for live streaming. And while the broadcasts can’t offer outstanding picture quality, their key benefit is that the difference between the events happening on the pitch and the live stream is only a couple of seconds. This means you can watch matches online and place wagers based on what you see.

How to Watch IPL Live at 1xBet?

There’s no need to log in to get access to live streams – you can watch matches directly on the website with these instructions:

  1. Head to the “Live” section of the site.
  2. Click on “Cricket” and then on the icon of a TV that says “LIVE.” You’ll see a list of events currently streaming.
  3. Click on a particular match. On the new page, hit the TV icon right next to the search bar. Enjoy IPL live wagering with almost no delays.

IPL Live Score

You can see the match score on the page of the event. Just head to the “Live” section, select cricket from the sports line, and click on the match you need. You’ll see the score right in the middle of the page.

How to place IPL live bets?

Live wagers are mostly the same as pre-match ones, except for the odds that may change over the course of the game. To place a 1xBet IPL wager in-play, follow these steps:

  1. Get to the “Live” section and hit “Cricket” to see a list of events currently in play.
  2. Choose a game from the list and click on it.
  3. Scroll down to explore the wager types. Click on one or more.
  4. In the bet slip to the right, specify the wager amount and type (if you picked 2 or more), and hit “Place a Bet.”

IPL 2021 Schedule

IPL2021 schedule

IPL is about to resume later this month, so make sure to get acquainted with the precise schedules of every event. Place pre-match wagers or bet on IPL live. 1xBet already accepts users’ wagers on most of the events below:

Mumbai Indians against Chennai Super Kings19.09.20217:30 PM
Kolkata Knight Riders against Royal Challengers Bangalore20.09.20217:30 PM
Punjab Kings against Rajasthan Royals21.09.20217:30 PM
Delhi Capitals against Sunrisers Hyderabad22.09.20217:30 PM
Mumbai Indians against Kolkata Knight Riders23.09.20217:30 PM
Royal Challengers Bangalore against Chennai Super Kings24.09.20217:30 PM
Delhi Capitals against Rajasthan Royals25.09.20213:30 PM
Sunrisers Hyderabad against Punjab Kings25.09.20217:30 PM
Chennai Super Kings against Kolkata Knight Riders26.09.20213:30 PM
Royal Challengers Bangalore against Mumbai Indians26.09.20217:30 PM
Sunrisers Hyderabad against Rajasthan Royals27.09.20217:30 PM
Kolkata Knight Riders against Delhi Capitals28.09.20213:30 PM
Mumbai Indians against Punjab Kings28.09.20217:30 PM
Rajasthan Royals against RCB29.09.20217:30 PM
Sunrisers Hyderabad against Chennai Super Kings30.09.20217:30 PM
Kolkata Knight Riders against Punjab Kings01.10.20217:30 PM
Mumbai Indians against Delhi Capitals02.10.20213:30 PM
Rajasthan Royals against Chennai Super Kings02.10.20217:30 PM
Royal Challengers Bangalore against Punjab Kings03.10.20213:30 PM
Kolkata Knight Riders against Sunrisers Hyderabad03.10.20217:30 PM
Delhi Capitals against Chennai Super Kings04.10.20217:30 PM
Rajasthan Royals against Mumbai Indians05.10.20217:30 PM
Royal Challengers Bangalore against Sunrisers Hyderabad06.10.20217:30 PM
Chennai Super Kings against Punjab Kings07.10.20213:30 PM
Kolkata Knight Riders against Rajasthan Royals07.10.20217:30 PM
Sunrisers Hyderabad against Mumbai Indians08.10.20213:30 PM
Royal Challengers Bangalore against Delhi Capitals08.10.20217:30 PM
First Qualifier10.10.20217:30 PM
Eliminator11.10.20217:30 PM
Second Qualifier13.10.20217:30 PM
Final15.10.20217:30 PM

IPL Betting App

1xbet app for IPL betting

You can get access to the bookie’s IPL online Satta through a special application for Android and iOS gadgets. The interface is similar for both OS types and slightly differs from the desktop site in terms of layout. The sports line is adjustable, so you can put the “Cricket” tab right on the main screen to quickly find an IPL match to wager on.

The 1xbet app features all the bet types you may find on the site. Moreover, it supports live wagering with the ability to watch IPL live streams.

To get the app:

  1. Head to the bookie’s site.
  2. Hit the smartphone icon in the upper left part of the screen.
  3. Pick the OS type. For Android, you’ll need to download an APK file to your device. As for iOS, the site will redirect you to AppStore, where you can upload the program.

You don’t need a separate account to wager in the app – just use the one you already have.

1xBet IPL Betting Tips

IPL betting tips

Whether you’re a newcomer who doesn’t know much about IPL online betting or a pro punter who follows every game, the main approach to wagering always includes these five essential tips:

  • Follow the team you’re wagering on. Stay ahead of the game by keeping track of recent changes to the roster and less important events that may affect the team’s performance. For instance, find out if the players had a long flight before the game.
  • Browse through the odds. Try to avoid wagers that seem too complicated – smaller odds bring fewer winnings, but the risks are much lower.
  • Wager on IPL live. When following the game in real time, you see additional wagering opportunities you couldn’t foresee before the event.
  • Study statistics. Analyze the outcomes of the team’s previous games and the performance of its players. The team has probably had a similar match before.
  • Check the weather forecast. A short rain before the game may play a decisive role, tipping the odds in your favor.


Can I Watch IPL Live for Free at 1xBet Site?

Yes, you can. The bookie doesn’t charge any fees from punters for streaming live events. Join the website or application and enjoy games.